Some of my Favorite Online Resources for Zero

Some of my Favorite Online Resources for Zero Robotics (plus a few that may tie in)

Beth Dichter, Zanetti Montessori Magnet School, Springfield MA

Below are the links I said I would share at our meeting at MIT…and if there is something that I neglected to add, just post a note here and I will add them to the resources. Please note, these are organized into categories to make it a bit easier, and I have included a short description for most links. You will find the following sections:

    Infographics on Space Debris

   Favorite Videos from NASA

   Great Interactive Infographics

   Computational Thinking (an overview)

   Website that Help Teach Programming.

Infographics on Space Debris

Waste in Space –

Brought to you by NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory @ California Institute of Technology (no publication date)

This appears to be the image that was shown to us at our meeting on May 14th. Additional details about the waste in space are provided.

Space Junk (published 11/01/15)

How much litter has been ‘lost’ in space? Much more than you may think. This infographic is one that will appeal to most learners.

Space Junk: Will Philae Join The More Than 500,000 Pieces Of Debris Already In Space? [INFOGRAPHIC] (published 11/14/14) This is from the International Business Times. There is an article that explains more about just what types of space junk is out there, and the infographic was originally published by the World Science Festival.

Space Debris and Satellites (published 11/08/13)

This infographic looks at space debris and satellites as of Oct. 2013.

Favorite Videos from NASA

Please note, I use KeepVid ( to download videos from YouTube and place them in a location that my learners can access (because YouTube is blocked for learners). One advantage of this is that you are not dependent on the Internet when you want to view them.

Five Years of the Sun

This video provides NASAs pick of the best of their videos taken of the sun by the Solar Dynamics Observatory. Take the time to read the information that is included in the description of the video. You can find more at this site,, which also includes access to the video.

NASA: A View from the Other Side

Learners are interested in seeing the far side of the moon. This video from NASA provides a look at the far side. It is about 2 minutes in length.

The Secret of the Dark Side of the Moon

This movie has a more detailed description of the dark side of the moon. It is just over 5 minutes in length.

What will the Journey to Mars be Like?

What will space travel be like if you were to go to Mars? This video provides numbers behind the journey to Mars in a format that engaged learners. The video is just over 3.5 minutes long, and most students will have questions that they may want to research after viewing the video.

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