Great Interactive Infographics

Great Interactive Infographics – The first is a journey to the edges of our solar system. The 2nd is a journey to the center of the earth. The 3rd is a favorite of mine that looks at why images are important in teaching.

How Big is our Solar System?

This interactive infographic allows learners to begin to see how vast our solar system is…and to learn what has happened at different points in the universe. There is so much information in this that you could have learners create a scavenger hunt. And if you are going to journey to the end of our universe, you might also want to visit to the center of the Earth, through water and land. Luckily BBC has a 2nd interactive infographic called Journey to the Centre of the Earth (

Thirteen Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Infographics?

This infographic provides 13 reasons why we should consider using visuals in our classrooms, and provides links to all the material referenced.

It appears that I cannot get all the information I put together into one long post, so this is the 3rd section of my original post (which only included the first two sections. Two more posts will follow the additional information.

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