Dec 17, 2017

We are pleased to announce the Zero Robotics High School Tournament 2017 ISS Finals Event! This final round of competition takes place on the International Space Station.

Teams will be watching the live stream of the event from 3 locations including: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA; Politecnico di Torino, Italy; University of Sydney, Australia.

(Check back here later for Event Link and Start Time)

Best wishes to the following competing teams!:

ISS Finalists

Alliance 1: BeachPin1701

      Beachbotics (United States), ZeroZeroPinin (Italy), ENTERPRISE (Italy)

Alliance 2: Naughty Prions and Lions

      Space Lions (Italy), Stuy-Naught (United States), PR1SM5 (United States)

Alliance 3: ZaRoSphere

      Zagle (Poland), Rock Rovers (United States), Spherobotics (Germany)

Alliance 4: MachCranberrianSpaghetti

      The Mach Kepplerians (United States), Cranberry Pie (United Kingdom), Spaghetti Code (United States)

Alliance 5: S.H.M.

      Singularity (United States), House of Coders (Italy), Mosman High School (Australia)

Alliance 6: ZanneioTeamRocketint(roverts)

      Zanneio Stardust (Greece), Team Rocket (United States), int(roverts) (Australia)

Alliance 7: S P A C E

      Pioneers (Russia), Spatar (Australia), CodeWarriors (Romania)

Alliance 8: AstronomyDomine

      ZRighi (Italy), Clements Rangers (United States), Tech Support (Australia)

Alliance 9: COLA (Catchers Of Life Alliance)

      SetFermiForce (Italy), Westlake ZRHS (United States), Major-Antlia (Italy)

Alliance 10: FISH AND CYPs

      Team y0b0tics! (United States), Cassiopeia (Romania), Potomac Engineers in Space (United States)


      BACON (United States), HORIZON (Romania), ASP Rebel Alliance (France)

Alliance 12: ZeroVinciWall

      Zero Work Ethic 2017 (United States), Da Vinci Boys (Italy), Wall-E 5.1 (Italy)

Alliance 13: Cosmic TaCo

      Tachyons (United States), Cora's Eleven (Italy), Cosmic Vikings (United States)

Alliance 14: CrabNebulaWaherlUnusualProgrammers

      Crab Nebula (Italy), Waherl (United States), Unusual Programmers (U.P.) (Italy)

Virtual Finalists

Alliance 1: OSA

      OverExtendedProgramming(OEP) (United States), Sigma Six (Romania), AGNELLITRONICS (Italy)

Alliance 2: ProximaCentauriTeamLakeVectory

      Proxima Centauri (Italy), Team Lake (United States), Vectory (Australia)

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