Dec 20, 2014

Congratulations to the following Alliance teams that are advancing to the Zero Robotics ISS Finals Competition on Jan 16th:

Alliance 1: BACON (United States),Zanneio Stardust (Greece),Big Red Robotics (United States)

Alliance 2: y0b0tics! (United States), Code::Space(Romania), AGHS (United States)

Alliance 3: DevilTech (United States), Zrighi (Italy), SuperMajo Bros. (Italy)

Alliance 4: Robodogs (United States), Callisto (Romania), TrISS (United States)

Alliance 5: Zapopan Zero (Mexico), Team 254 (United States), Zagle (Poland)

Alliance 6: Proxima Centauri (Italy), The Quark Charm (United States), Herder-Berlin (Germany)

Alliance 7: Crab Nebula (Italy), Tachyons (United States), Monta Vista Zero (United States)

Alliance 8: Team Lake (United States), Corà's Eleven (Italy), VADARS (United States)

Alliance 9: White Hole (Russia), Plasma Robotics (United States)

Alliance 10: The Gru Crew (United States), Wall-E 2.0 (Italy), 2468 Team Appreciate (United States)

Alliance 11: Sunspots (Italy), Flying Narwhals (United States), SpaceEagles (United States)

Alliance 12: Juggler (Italy), Force Lightning (United States), Elia Boys (Italy)

Alliance 13: Team Kuhlschrank (United States), Käthe in Space (Germany), Green Hope Zero Robotics (United States)

Alliance 14: NullPointerException (United States), O.L.E (Spain), The Ohms (United States)

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