Dec 28, 2015

Congratulations to the following Alliance teams whose code will be competed on ISS on Jan 25th 2016:

ISS Finalists

Alliance 1: CrabNebulaMVZeroVADARS

      Crab Nebula (Italy), MV Zero (United States), VADARS (United States)

Alliance 2: Cookies Source Invaders

      Space Invaders (Germany), Space Cookies (United States), Source Code; (United States)

Alliance 3: Kuhl-Wall-Hill

      Team Kuhlschrank (United States), Wall-E 3.0 (Italy), Haverhill Robotics (United States)

Alliance 4: BACON Zanneio 2485

      BACON (United States), Zanneio Stardust (Greece), Team 2485 (United States)

Alliance 5: EphemeralWaterRocket

      Ephemeris (Italy), Team Rocket (United States), Waterbears (United States)

Alliance 6: Team Tesla

      USS Enterprise (Italy), OverExtendedProgramming(OEP) (United States), LSA Robotics Team (Italy)

Alliance 7: Winning Alliance of Totally Excellent Robots

      Zero Work Ethic (United States), Sunday Programmers (Italy), SetFermiForce (Italy)

Alliance 8: SHA-2468

      Stuy-Naught (United States), Herder-Berlin (Germany), 2468 Team Appreciate (United States)

Alliance 9: KeppleriansCora'sWHO

      The Mach Kepplerians (United States), Corà's Eleven (Italy), White Hole 2 (Russia)

Alliance 10: TheFermiFloatingTeamTachyonsJuggler

      The Fermi Floating Team (Italy), Tachyons (United States), Juggler (Italy)

Alliance 11: Quasar

      SPHERES Tomsk (Russia), Da Vinci Boys (Italy), VSA (Romania)

Alliance 12: Echelon

      ZRighi (Italy), Robodogs (United States), MSJ AP Coffee (United States)

Alliance 13: Westiopeia v3

      Cassiopeia (Romania), Westwood Robotics (United States), Awesome v3 (Belgium)

Alliance 14: Apocaliss

      Apoapsis (Australia), Callisto (Romania), KISS (Germany)

Virtual Finalists

Alliance 1: ZiRconiuM_Paly_Eagles

      ZiRconiuM (Italy), Paly Robotics (United States), SpaceEagles (United States)

Alliance 2: Space::Yabadabad0rs!

      Code::Space (Romania), Team y0b0tics! (United States), Mira Loma Matadors (United States)

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