Jan 11, 2018

On Thursday Jan 11, 2018 over 600 students, gathered at MIT, Politecnico di Torino, and U Sydney to watch cosmonaut Alexander “Sasha” Misurkin and astronaut Joe Acaba referee the final competition of the Zero Robotics High School Tournament 2017 aboard the International Space Station. The live broadcast featured presentations by former NASA Astronaut Steve Swanson and Cassini/Hugyens scientists Jean-Pierre Lebreton (ESA) and Ralph D. Lorenz (John Hopkins APL). The 2017 game, LIFE SPHERES, challenged student teams to write code to control the SPHERES satellites in the search for life on Enceladus, a moon of Saturn, by drilling in the icy surface, avoiding geysers and returning samples to a base station for analysis.

A link to the recording of the webcast is available here: ZR ISS Finals 2017

Congratulations to all teams that competed on ISS on Jan 11th!  

Special congratulations to the Champions of this year’s Zero Robotics High School Tournament 2017:

ISS Finals Co-Champion (Conference A Winner): BeachPin1701

  • Beachbotics, Hilton Head Island High School, SC, USA
  • ZeroZeroPinin, ITIS G.B. Pininfarina, Moncalieri, Italy
  • ENTERPRISE, ITIS "G. Galilei", Livorno, Italy

ISS Finals Co-Champion (Conference B Winner): Naughty Prions and Lions

  • Space Lions, L.S.S. Leonardo Da Vinci, Treviso, Italy
  • Stuy-Naught, Stuyvesant High School, NY, USA
  • PR1SM5, Princeton International School of Mathematics and Science, NJ, USA

Virtual Finalist Champion: ProximaCentauriTeamLakeVectory

  • Proxima Centauri, Liceo Scientifico F. Cecioni, Livorno, Italy
  • Team Lake, Clear Lake High School, TX, USA
  • Vectory, James Ruse Agricultural High School, Sydney, Australia

Virtual Finalist Second Place: OSA

  • OverExtendedProgramming(OEP), Centennial High School, AZ, USA
  • Sigma Six, Colegiul National Banatean, Timisoara, Romania
  • AGNELLITRONICS, Istituto Internazionale E. Agnelli, Torino, Italy

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