Jan 26, 2019

We are pleased to announce the Zero Robotics High School Tournament 2018 ISS Finals Event! This final round of competition takes place on the International Space Station.

Teams will be watching the live stream of the event from 3 locations including: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA; Unversity of Alicante, Spain; University of Sydney, Australia.

Best wishes to the following competing teams!:

ISS Finalists

Alliance 1: ARKESSLER

      Space Hunters(Italy),Tachyons(United States),Jesuit High School(United States)

Alliance 2:  BeachQuatRebels

      Beachbotics(United States),ASP Rebel Alliance(France),Quaternion(Romania)

Alliance 3: Hit or Miss

      Proof Robotics(United States),Crab Nebula(Italy),Rock Rovers(United States)

Alliance 4: Pinball Cap

      ZeroZeroPinin(Italy),BCA BALLers(United States),Captcha Solvers(Romania)

Alliance 5: CaptainHook

      Spherobotics(Germany),SPATAR(Australia),Shootin' stars(Italy)

Alliance 6: Milk and CEReal

      Cassiopeia(Romania),—ëÿëBäii—(United States),ROBOMIA(United States)

Alliance 7:  Pizza&Bacon

      ZRighi(Italy), BACON (United States),Team Kuhlschrank(United States)

Alliance 8: Apollo1

      Zero Robotics Zero Skill(Germany),Trinity Infinity(Australia),Orion(Greece)

Alliance 9: T.E.A. (Towing an Endangered Alliance)

      SetFermiForce(Italy),Waherl(United States),heRObotics(Romania)

Alliance 10: O.M.N.I Alliance (One Model, Numerous Identities)

      Unusual Programmers (U.P.)(Italy),0.0f Robotics(United States),IRON TEAMSanthia(Italy)

Alliance 11: SailingQuarks^2

      Zagle (Poland),The Quark Charm(United States),Squares(Portugal)

Alliance 12: Naughty Dark Spaghetti

      The Dark Team of LSA (Italy),Stuy-Naught(United States),Spaghetti Code(United States)

Alliance 13: Approximate Prism International Park

      Proxima Centauri(Italy),PR1SM5(United States),Clements Rangers(United States)

Alliance 14: A.I.R Alliance

      Sigma Seven(Romania),Potomac Space Force(United States),Vallaurobotics(Italy)

Virtual Finalists

Alliance 1: A.S.P.

      SunEaters(Romania),Space Phoenix(United States),TIMTRON(Romania)

Alliance 2: Gucci Coders Party

      House of Coders(Italy),Gucci Ganghis Khan(United States),LSA Tea Party(Italy)

Alliance 3: NoSleepGang

      Valak(Romania),SpaceXD(Australia),Scholar Spacemen(Australia)

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