Jul 08, 2022

ZR sponsor and supporter, Aerospace Corporation, is committed to broadening their reach and deepening their impact to help shape a brighter future for all. Through their partnership with organizations like Zero Robotics, Aerospace aims to enhance their K-12 STEM and community outreach efforts for a more diverse, equitable and inclusive space workforce. On July 6, Aerospace hosted a virtual career day with 150 team leaders and middle school students participating in this summer’s Zero Robotics program. AeroScholars, Kiera McKenzie and Miguel Tamayo, moderated the hour-long event which included a short discussion about propulsion and tardigrades with Dr. Andrea Hsu, followed by a four-panel discussion. We had a diverse panel of Aerospace experts including one of the youngest GS14s at the LA Garrison, Nicole Palmer. After the panel, Dr. Larry DeLucas, a former astronaut, and Aerospace technical staff provided remarks and good luck wishes to all 20+ teams competing in this year’s ZR program.

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