See the Game Documents for information specific to this year's Middle School game.

The following table shows the tutorials available for learning to program in the ZR IDE using the graphical editor.

Tutorial Description
Create an Account Set up an account on the ZR website so that you can access the
How to Invite Students to Your Team A tutorial for the educator to set up the team
Getting to Know the ZR IDE Learn the computer programming language C++ that you will use
to program the SPHERES satellites
Introduction to Arrays and setPositionTarget Try your hand at using arrays in ZR
More Simple Arrays and the setAttitudeTarget Function Part 1 of two-part tutorial to learn more about how to use arrays to
move the SPHERES
More Simple Arrays–Another Way to Initialize Variables Part 2 of two-part tutorial to learn more about how to use arrays to
move the SPHERES
The Conditionals: The Basics of "If-Then" Use "If, Then" statements and some logic operators to program
a SPHERES satellite to move to multiple locations
More Fun with "If-Then", Logic Operators and Debugging Use an "If-Then" statement and some new logic operators to show
that the loop you created is called once per second by the
SPHERES control system. Also learn to print messages to the debug console.
Conditionals with Advanced Logic Operators Use still more logic operators ('and' and 'or') and conditional
statements to change the position and attitude of the SPHERES
Conditionals Continued: "If-Then-Else" Introduction to "If, Then, Else" statements
Introduction to Game Mode Learn to use the game mode (as opposed to the free mode)
For Loops Learn to use a for loop to repeat an action a set number of times–in
this case, to find the position of the second satellite and program
your satellite to move toward the second satellite, but stop halfway
Hints About SPHERES Loop Dynamics See the effect of motion on your satellite
Applied Conditionals Learn how to use conditional statements to program your player to
do different things depending on where it is and where the other
player is
Creating Functions In Part 1 of this two-part tutorial learn how to organize and keep
track of everything that is happening in your code
Functions and the Step Counter Model In Part 2 of this two-part tutorial learn how–and why–to use a step
counter model in your program and practice creating functions
Intramural Game Mode Learn how to share your game code with the group
How to Submit Code A tutorial for the educator to submit code for competitions