The University of Sydney is proud to be the Australian regional coordinator for Zero Robotics.  The Australian competition has been expanded in 2017 to allow more high school students the opportunity to compete in Zero Robotics and gain valuable experience in programming a robot.

The creation of an Australian-only preliminary competition enables more Australian high school students to gain valuable experience in coding during the middle of the school year. Students will also learn the maths and physics behind the motion of the SPHERES robot and develop strategies for successful game play within the game premise. Students will need to work as a team, delegate tasks, communicate effectively and be well organised. These are valuable skills that students can apply to their schoolwork and that will be invaluable should they consider further studies post high school.

Fifty high schools will compete in the Australian-only preliminary competition. This preliminary competition will be held over 6 weeks in July-August. Each team will be provided with a current University of Sydney Engineering/IT student to be their mentor.  The mentor will guide the team through the process of learning the code and the logistics of the competition.

Well performing teams will then be invited to join the international Zero Robotics High School Tournament that begins in September.



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