Zero Robotics started in Fall of 2009 with two high school teams from Northern Idaho. Team Absolute ZERO from Bonners Ferry, and Team Delta from Coeur d'Alene/Post Falls, were given the tools to program the SPHERES satellites. Over the course of three months, with the help of their teachers and MIT mentors, the students wrote and tested software to compete in a "Satellite Assitant" game. Their programs were run first in simulation, and then on the MIT flat floor. On Dec 9, 2009, the two teams flew to MIT and participated in the operation of their software aboard the International Space Station. A special thanks goes to Dr. Lorna Finman for providing funding for the first ever student robotics competition in space. We also commend the team mentors Salvatore Lorenzen, Brian Induni, and Ed Katz for working closely with MIT to start and improve the program.