IDE Frequently Asked Questions for Common Issues

If you are having issues with the IDE check out this page with solutions to common errors. If your error is not covered on this FAQ page send an email to

Q: My code is compiling, but will not simulate.

A: This can be the case for two main reasons:

You have an array initialization error: Make sure your array for red or blue ZRState has a size of twelve, this is if you are using 'getMyZRState' or 'getOtherZRState'.

Your code contains an infinite loop: If you are using a 'while' it may be an escapable while loop. Alternatively, use if-then arguments.

Q: My graphical editor is frozen and I cannot edit it.

A: When sharing take the following precautions to avoid corrupting your files

Save a copy before you share your code with your team. Then do your future edits on the un-shared copy.

If you have a teammate retrieving your shared code have them make a copy of the shared code to edit. This copy that your teammate has created should be unshared immediately (since copies are automatically shared ) before they begin to work on it .

To summarize: You should not directly edit shared code or it will be corrupted! Before sharing make a copy and the people who work on the shared code should also make a copy.

Q: My code does not compile. I am getting a 'was not declared in this scope ' error.

A: Attempt to rename your arrays.

This may have been an error that occurred during block generation. Rename the array associated with the error. For instance, if you have an error for an array named 'pos' rename it 'pos1' and so on.