2022 Team Contacts & Roster


TEAM REGISTRATION (ROSTER): https://forms.gle/3tVY9R2a8wmUSU9z8
Every ADULT working with your team(s)  must complete this TEAM ROSTER Form before the program begins.
This is for communication purposes and student account registration.  

Student names are NOT required for this roster.



Please confirm that your contact information is listed below and is correct.  

During the Alliance phase of the Zero Robotics 2022 MS Competition, teams will reach out to one another using the below contact information to coordinate alliance building and collaborative coding sessions.  If you wish to change the contact information or team name, please email that change to zerorobotics@mit.edu 




Zoey Tang: rpv.kchao@gmail.com


Broken Trojan Horse

Marshall Elementary

Robin McCoy: rmccoy@cv.k12.ca.us


C0deEX Team 1


Sanjib Biswas: info@c0deex.com


Space Dolphins

California State University Long Beach

Andrew Hernandez: andrew.hernandez08@student.csulb.edu


Space Busters

California State University Long Beach

Stephanie Turcios: stephanie.turcios@student.csulb.edu


Shooting Stars

California State Long Beach

Jonathan Gutierrez: jonathan.gutierrez02@student.csulb.edu



California State University Long Beach

Osamudiamen Evbuomwan: oevbuomw@gmail.com


Space Monkeys

California State University Long Beach

Frankie Gonzalez: frankie.gonzalez01@student.csulb.edu


Crenshaw Family YMCA

Crenshaw Family YMCA

Crenshaw Family YMCA: crenshawysports@ymcala.org


Irongate Command Center

Cottonwood Creek Middle School

Karishma Kothari: reachkarishma@gmail.com


Koko Coders

Kode Connect

Jacqueline Porro: jacqueline@kodeconnect.org


Little Singer Colts

Little Singer Indian School

Thomas Tomas: thomas.tomas@littlesinger.org


Midwest Ismailis

Minneapolis Ismaili Center

Saima Khimani: skhimani15@gmail.com


Natick Novas

Natick Novas

Ella Lesher: naticknovas@gmail.com


Palo Alto Ground Zero

Pristine AI

Kim Youjung youjung1.kim@gmail.com


Summer CREW - Beyond Expected

Monroe Middle School

Tanner Marcoida: tmarcoida@campbellusd.org


Navajo Code Writers

Saint Michael's Indian School: The Navajo Code Writers

Mykl Greene: mykl.greene@smischols.org


Team Metaverse


Lien Pham: inthemetaverse111@gmail.com


Waterford SpaceBots

Waterford Township Public Schools

Debra Parker: dparker@wtsd.org


Project Xploration

Project KoreX

Rosalie Cho: Busymama7@gmail.com