Team Alliances

Great Alliance Day Everyone! The ZR team hopes you are all satified with your pairing and that you will work well with eachother.

Please submit your team alliance's name by the end of the day Wednesday, July 20th

For Reference, below are the team pairings for alliances based off of the decisions from alliance day:

Alliance Name Team 1 Team 1 Lead(s) Team 2 Team 2 Lead(s)
MIST Midwest Ismailis Nurain Jiwani: Sputnik

Samudiamen Evbuomwan:

Erinne Park:

San Ko-

Jenni Heng:

Hyper Novas Project Xploration Ethan Tang: Space Busters Stephanie Turcios:
The Little Novas Natick Novas


Little Singer Colts Thomas Tomas:
Koko Bots Waterford SpaceBots

Wyatt Grindle:

Grayson Wood:

Koko Coders Jacqueline Porro:
Native Horses Broken Trojan Horse Robin McCoy: Natives Online Robyn David:
ZRebels Irongate Command Center Karishma Kothari: Navajo Code Writers Mykl Greene:
stella_admirari Shooting Stars Jonathan Gutierrez: A_Team

Kyra Tang:

Vivian Tan:

Beyond the Metaverse Team Metaverse Lien Pham: Summer Crew Beyond Expected Tanner Marcoida:
C0deEX Space Dolphins C0deEX Team 1 C0deEX: Space Dolphins Andrew Hernandez:
GroundToSpace Palo Alto Ground Zero Ryan Kim: Space Monkeys Sam Perez:

*Please refer to the emails of the team leads mentioned in the table to communicate with your alliance*

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